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At Anthill Ventures, we’re dedicated to enabling voracious and courageous entrepreneurs to build better lives for our future generations


Anthill is a Speed Scaling Ecosystem that invests in, and scales, early-stage companies in Media, Urban Tech and Health Tech. Our DNA lies in our ability to make targeted and timely interventions to scale startups and transport them to stronger growth trajectories.

Driven by a strong team across USA, Singapore, and India as well as Venture Partners and Mentors across the globe, Anthill has partnered with some of the most innovative Corporations and Governments in Asia to give startups valuable connections and resources needed to achieve rapid growth.

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Anthill Ventures invests in early-stage companies that are disrupting
Media Tech, Urban Lifestyle & Tech, and Health Tech


Health, Media, Urban and Consumer– are born out of strong corporate
partnerships and incredible potential in these areas


Anthill Ventures pays singular significance to crucial health segments such as cancer detection and treatment, holistic wellness and adjacencies such as wound management.


We are concentrating on technologies that are redefining the way we are and will consume content and create content.


We partner with courageous entrepreneurs who are building cities that are smarter, more sustainable, and more responsive to citizen needs.


Our teams are working with new-age startups that address next-generation consumer preferences, with sustainability at the core of their creations.


Anthill Ventures is expanding into the global Alco-Bev industry to work with and speed scale revolutionary entrepreneurs.

Gruhas Aspite is an industry collaboration between 3 entities that will enable early stage Proptech startups by bringing decades of investment and business scaling experience to the table to its cohorts.

Lumos Health is Asia’s premier Healthcare speed-scaling program that seeks to unlock synergies between startups and the healthcare ecosystem.

Indus X focuses on helping disruptive startups in the UrbanTech business achieve scale and sustained growth by addressing growth gaps and driving rapid market access.

Launched to support women-led startups, Athena focuses on investing and partnering with skilled womenpreneurs in India and Southeast Asia.

A business accelerator program providing new-age solutions for technology startups around the world to evolve the art of storytelling and content consumption.

Gruhas GUSTO is a 6-month accelerator programme for early-stage food start-ups who are looking to transform the industry through focused innovation and technology.

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