We partner with Health Tech Companies at an early stage to support them throughout their life cycle.

Anthill is dedicated to investing in, and partnering with early-stage Healthcare companies that focus on solving crucial health problems such as cancer with genomics, trauma and wound management and holistic health.

Through Lumos, our scaling program in Healthcare, we have partnered with HCG and other premier healthcare providers, enabling us to proffer the best advisors, easy access to mentors and next-level business development opportunities all designed to precipitate rapid growth.

4000 +


10M +

Healthcare patients

Want to #scalewithspeed?

Anthill gives a wonderful pulse into the health tech startups ecosystem globally. Aligning with them has helped us discover and interact with numerous early stage companies with high pedigree and strong IP. The solutions from these companies often complement our offerings and as such, are a great benefit to HCG

Anjali Ajaikumar

VP of Strategy, HCG




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