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BILLIONS of Dollars are spent every Year on R&D by Universities across the USA. But due to lack of effective avenues to Commercialization, 90% of these innovations never make it to the market.
Anthill Ivy sources cutting-edge technologies from Ivy League and other top-tier research universities and provides their TLOs (Technology License Offices) with a faster commercialization model. We engage with these TLOs to expedite and consummate seamless Technology transfer to early stage companies and then, help scale them, by giving these companies market access to Asia. We commercialize these technologies largely through 3 licensing agreements:
• Licensing / Purchasing of IP from TLOs
• Spinning off startups from University campuses
• Options agreements


Backed by a team of venture partners and market access channels, smart innovations are scaled into larger enterprises that are acquisition targets or can be listed through IPO.


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