The funds raised will be deployed towards strengthening the product, building out a engineering and sales team and facilitating an early launch in the US market, an emotion ai and engagement analytics platform, on Wednesday announced that it has raised a pre-seed funding round of $1.5 million, with investors Chiratae Ventures and 9Unicorns leading the round. The other investors participating include Anthill Ventures and AI-led video-editing company, VideoVerse. 

“We are privileged to be supported by some of India’s early-stage institutional investors, with vast experience in helping deep-tech B2B SAAS companies build and scale global products in international markets. And are deeply grateful for the trust that they have placed in us at this early stage,” Ritu Srivastava, co-founder and CEO, said.  

As per the company, the funds raised will be deployed to deepen the datasets for their machine-learning technology and expand the product offering of emotion and engagement insights gathered from a user’s video, audio and speech inputs for a variety of industries. 

“Customer decisions are emotional and not rational. Since current feedback modes are post-facto, by the time actionable intelligence reaches decision makers, opportunities are lost. Lightbulb enables businesses to measure emotion data and transmit actionable insights to decision makers in real-time, helping them acquire and retain better,” Vishal Soni, co-founder, added. 

“Leveraging an intelligent emotion recognition platform through video interaction, Lightbulb is leading the next wave of innovation in this space. We are partnering with the founding team at Lightbulb, as they disrupt leading industries such as education, banking, mental wellness, among others,” Sudhir Sethi, founder and chairman, Chiratae Ventures India Advisors, stated. is an emotion ai and engagement analytics platform that uses computer vision, speech transcription and audio analysis to generate real time emotion ai and engagement analytics for remote interactions. 

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